HOUSTON, October 22, 2013 — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Axistrade as its newest affiliate member.

Headquartered in Houston, Axistrade is a world class supply house specializing in “buyout” and indirect material support for MRO (maintenance, repairs and operations). By “professionalizing the art of procurement,” Axistrade is able to provide effectively, on a domestic and international level, to the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Construction, Aerospace and Mining Industries. Axistrade is a single point of contact for material supplies that tailors its service to support a client’s unique buying categories and specific business processes.

“Axistrade, Inc. is pleased to partner with Consumer Energy Alliance on energy issues at a regional and national level,” said Axistrade’s CEO, Sadik Dalal. “Axistrade has a vested interest in lowering energy costs for both the consumer and producer roles. Partnering with CEA will give us more opportunities to work with the oil and gas industry by providing them with access to high quality products that can meet their needs and hopefully lead to a greater national focus on domestically-produced resources. We believe that CEA is the perfect organization to have on board for new developments in the energy industry and we look forward to our partnership.”

“CEA is happy to partner with Axistrade. They’re extremely focused on bringing down the cost of expensive operations through their logistics and masterful procurement processes that through their support, reachable savings ultimately will be passed onto consumers in the form of cheaper energy prices,” said CEA’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Paul Looney. “Axistrade’s products and services bring value to the energy market and CEA is very pleased with their support in helping to promote more affordable oil and gas operations throughout the globe.”