HOUSTON, TX – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome the Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition (SECWC) as its newest affiliate member.

The mission of the Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition is to advance the coastal and offshore wind industry in ways that result in net economic benefits to industry, utilities, ratepayers, and citizens of the Southeast

“The Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition is pleased to partner with Consumer Energy Alliance to advance both land-based and offshore wind energy for the benefit of energy consumers,” said SECWC President, Brian O’Hara. “By providing low-cost, reliable, and zero-emissions energy, wind power offers immediate economic benefits to energy consumers while also delivering long-term price stability by providing a hedge against fluctuating fuel prices. We are pleased that CEA recognizes the critical role wind power plays in our energy mix and we look forward to working with them to grow our nation’s use of wind energy.”

“CEA is committed to an all-of-the-above energy strategy, and an important piece of that is responsibly utilizing our offshore resources – including oil, gas and wind,” said CEA-Southeast Executive Director, Adam Waldeck. “The Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition has been a strong and respected voice for land-based and offshore wind power, and we are pleased to welcome them as CEA’s newest affiliate member.”