Despite five Colorado communities restricting hydraulic fracturing since 2012, a statewide poll conducted in mid-February for Consumer Energy Alliance found 60% of likely voters support extracting oil and natural gas through a process known as fracking. Critics are loud but few, with only 16% of respondents strongly in opposition. Likely voters in the Denver Metro area support fracking by more than twenty-five points, 57% to 31%.

Support for Hydraulic Fracturing Support Oppose
Voters 60% 28%
Voters age 18 to 39 58% 31%
Metro Denver 63% 27%

The Keystone XL Pipeline has strong support in Colorado. The poll finds voters growing impatient with the approval process for the $5 billion construction project. 52% of Keystone XL supporters said they would reconsider their support for incumbent Democrat Mark Udall if President Obama denies the presidential permit needed to finish the project. The U.S. State Department evaluation found building and operating the pipeline would have minimal impact on the environment. The report also found construction and operation would support approximately 42,000 jobs.

U.S. Senate Mark Udall Ken Buck*
Voting for? 66% 23%
Among KXL supporters, would you vote for Mark Udall if President denies Keystone XL? Less likely
More likely19%
Governor John Hickenlooper Tom Tancredo
51% 40%

* Ken Buck is no longer a U.S. Senate candidate.

Keystone XL Pipeline Support Oppose
Voters 66% 23%
Voters age 18 to 39 63% 26%
Metro Denver 65% 25%



Voters thinking Energy

Eight in ten voters say energy issues, including the Keystone XL pipeline, will be important in making a decision of who to support in the November elections. Overall, 84% say energy issues will be either very (41%) or somewhat (43%) important “in terms of how (they) will vote in this year’s election.” Only 15% say energy issues will not be important to them.


Colorado’s likely voters are supportive of natural gas and oil development.  Over 60% of likely voters said they support building the Keystone XL Pipeline and support the extraction process known as fracking.  Hydraulic fracturing receives strong support in both the western half of the state and in Metro Denver. Opponents would need to win these to regions to secure a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing.


Hickman Analytics conducted the poll of 400 likely 2014 general election voters who were surveyed via telephone or cell phone between February 17th and 20th. The poll carries a 4.9% margin of error.

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