Onshore fracking well pad

Consumer Energy Alliance recently endorsed the States First Initiative – a state-led effort aimed at encouraging multi-state collaboration and innovation for state oil and gas regulators.  The initiative – a partnership between the Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission – helps state regulatory agencies best adapt to technological advances and promote greater transparency. By sharing information in consistent, systemic way, States First ensures state regulators remain the best protectors of their state’s environment.

“Energy development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive,” said David Holt, CEA president.  ”CEA continues to support the safe, environmentally responsible development of our abundant natural resources.  We are all environmentalists who need clean air and clean water, and CEA commends the States First Initiative and our state regulators for upholding their duty to ensure energy development proceeds safely.”

From Pennsylvania to Texas and North Dakota, state regulators have overseen the incredible expansion of American energy development. In less than a decade, the United States will have gone from the largest oil importer to the largest oil producer in the world. Effective, efficient regulation that puts states first is part of this recipe for success.

States First CEA Support Letter