Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin USA

Consumer Energy Alliance- Texas recently delivered more than 8,800 emails to members of the Texas House Energy Resources Committee and the Texas Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee in support of HB 40 and SB 1165. The bills would work to better balance state and local control over oil and gas activity.

“It’s clear Texans want clarity when it comes to the line between state and local authority over oil and gas drilling,” said Tommy Foltz, Executive Vice President of Consumer Energy Alliance. “Both HB 40 and SB 1165 help strike the proper balance between the two jurisdictions and will provide clarity for everyone as the Texas energy miracle continues into future years providing affordable pump prices for all Americans. Consumer Energy Alliance will continue to ask Texans to help support the measures as they progress through the legislative process.”

Both measures have been passed out of their respective committees and are now continuing to work their way through the legislature. In addition to Texas, other states have been grappling with how local control measures impact state primacy over the regulation of the energy industry. Consumer Energy Alliance advocates for strong state control over energy regulation and strong local authority to help alleviate nuisance issues like dust, light, noise and other local impacts.

Email sent to legislators read as follows:

Anti-energy activists are working in towns across Texas to try and ban energy production and limit the engine that powers the Texas economy. You can help us push back and help Texas reclaim its energy pride.

Texas lawmakers are considering legislation that would strike the proper balance between local and state authority and responsible energy production. HB 40/SB 1165 preserves the authority of cities and towns to regulate local issues, but also retains the Railroad Commission’s proper authority over oil and gas activity — the oldest agency in the state with 100 years of experience overseeing oil and gas operations. It’s a win-win for the State of Texas, energy consumers, and all Texans.

Tell Texas Legislators that you strongly support responsible energy production. Tell them to vote in support of HB 40/SB 1165 and help continue to reinvigorate Texas Energy and Texas Pride!