Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) today submitted nearly 8,500 comments from consumers in support of future Atlantic and Alaskan offshore leasing for oil and gas exploration to the Department of the Interior (DOI). DOI is currently deciding what offshore areas in the Atlantic and off Alaska will remain open for consideration for potential future oil and gas leasing.

In addition to strengthening out future energy security, studies show that Atlantic and Alaskan offshore energy development could generate hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in economic growth and public revenue.

“Alaska and the Mid- and South Atlantic region are expected to contain billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas,” reads the petition letter.  “For consumers, that means secure energy supplies, reasonable prices at the pump and grocery check-out lines, lower monthly electricity bills, and significant jobs, economic activity, and revenue for local communities and states across the nation.”

CEA President David Holt commented that, “While there is not currently a formal comment period open on the leasing plan, we felt it was important for Interior officials to understand the importance of the issue to residents in the mid- and south Atlantic states, Alaska, and across the country. For them it’s not an either-or choice: we can have BOTH responsible energy development AND environmental protection.”

Consumer Energy Alliance has frequently engaged in support of offshore energy production for the benefits it brings to energy consumers of all stripes. The group recently released a report detailing the level of support for offshore energy production among Atlantic state residents.