It’s that time of year again and the holiday season is underway – and there’s something about pumpkin pie, turkey and spending time with friends and family that makes people want to head out on a road-trip. Unlike years prior, gas prices are at an all-time low, making 2017 a great year for a road trip! In fact, this country has not seen gas prices this low since 2008. What that means for you is that you can drive – or fly – wherever you want to go, for less. The savings from gas this year has affected many Americans – in a positive way.

Hitting The Open Road for Less

This year you may want to drive to your destination. If you can avoid the holiday lines at the airport, hitting the open road is a great option. According to AAA, average gas prices are near $2.13 per gallon in much of the country, which is significantly lower than they have been in recent years. This is great news for consumers, as it’s estimated that the average family will be driving 50 miles or more to their Thanksgiving destination along with more than 48.7 million other people on the road this week.

Even if you’re planning to drive further – let’s say 500 miles to see family or friends – and your vehicle gets around 22 miles per gallon, driving will cost you around $47.00. If we look back just four years ago, gas prices over Thanksgiving were $3.43 a gallon on average. This same trip would have cost you $78. With most of the country seeing these savings, now is the time to get behind the wheel and see the country.

The Friendly Sky’s Discount Travel

These lower energy costs are not only affecting those who drive. The airline industry is also greatly affected by lower fuel costs. When the gas prices are down, the costs of a ticket decreases. Did you know that more than 27.3 million people will fly to meet friends and loved ones for the holiday? If you cannot drive to your Thanksgiving destination, then you can take advantage of one of the many airlines savings deals. Now, keep in mind that this late in the game you are going to pay more, but there are still some last-minute deals for you to explore.

You may have seen some airlines offering rock bottom ticket costs to certain areas of the country. Now, it takes some airlines time to drop the prices to match the cost of crude oil, but others are already giving their passengers a break. If you look on, you will find low fares on their homepage. If you live in an area where they fly, you could get a ticket for as low as $26 one way.

Energy Savings at the Right Time

What do these savings during Thanksgiving mean to you? It means you have more money for the season of giving. Whether that’s donating to your favorite charity or buying gifts for loved ones. So, regardless of what method of travel you decide on, the money you save on transportation can be spent better elsewhere. Americans have saved over $28 billion in gasoline costs this year alone – think of all the Thanksgiving dinners that would buy? So no matter how far your relatives are, thanks to the low gas prices, chances are you can afford to go visit.