Pipeline connection to oil refinery

Houston, TX — David Holt, president of Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), issued the below statement on President Obama’s decision to deny a construction easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Missouri River in North Dakota. The project, already 92 percent complete, has received all its required federal and statement permits, but final construction has been blocked – again – by the Obama Administration.

“CEA is extremely disappointed with the President’s decision. Hyperpartisan politics that suppress energy development and harm everyday American families and small businesses must end. The only people hurt by this decision are consumers and families who could enjoy continued access to low-cost and stable supplies of fuel and the skilled workers who depend on the high-paying jobs pipeline infrastructure projects provide.”

“We need a consistent and predictable regulatory system that allows for timely input, protects the environment and meets our growing energy needs, not a system that caters to a loud mob of professional agitators.”

“It is in our best interest to find pragmatic, realistic solutions together that put the needs of everyday people over the extreme politics of anti-energy activists. It is a sad day when hyperpartisan protestors applaud a decision that raises energy prices and puts even more pressure on those living near poverty or on fixed incomes.”