Solar panel installation on roof

Your legislature is working on a law (SB 214) to keep you electric bills stable and give new options for solar power, all without unfairly raising rates.

Call your Senator today to support this commonsense legislation!

Some states continue to offer overly generous incentives for rooftop solar.  This had led to “cost-shifting” onto non-solar customers – making us pay more for our electricity than we should.  At the same time, solar installation no longer needs high levels of subsidies to compete. Kentucky has come up with a sensible plan to help solar continue to grow and protect your pocketbook.

Tell your Senator you support efforts to keep electricity prices stable and expand solar in the Commonwealth.

Fill out the form below or contact your Senator by calling the Capitol Message Line at 1-800-372-7181. Tell them to support common-sense policies like SB 214 that can expand solar without forcing costs onto families, seniors, and people on fixed incomes.


Dear Senator,

I’m a Kentuckian concerned about my monthly energy bills. That’s why I’m asking you to support a common-sense legislation, SB 214, which will protect me from unfair rate increases while expanding new solar options for people across the Commonwealth.

I hear that many states around the country are struggling with solar incentive programs that can lead to electricity rate increases. Expanding new energy options is important, but maintaining fair rates is too – especially for those who are on fixed incomes and cannot afford to pay more.

It’s my understanding this legislation offers a path forward while also providing more solar options. The bill would create more opportunity for solar programs, protect existing solar users and set up a new process to protect households, seniors, and those on fixed incomes from having to shoulder unfair rate increases.

I urge you to support this important legislation and protect my electric bill.