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WASHINGTON, D.C. – An overwhelming majority of voters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York support energy delivery of transportation fuels and the use of natural gas infrastructure – including the approval and construction of more pipelines in the region, according to a new poll from Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA).

Among the most important of the survey’s findings are that:

  • 97 percent of respondents agree that affordable, reliable energy is important for Northeastern families and businesses.
  • 92 percent agree that maintaining and delivering adequate supplies of affordable fuels is necessary for consumers and businesses.
  • 88 percent that having sufficient supplies of natural gas is important in keeping electricity and home heating affordable and reliable

The polling was done to examine how much support energy infrastructure and pipelines have throughout the U.S. Northeast, home to several very high-profile public debates and other key energy issues among voters – and what role each or all could play in the 2018 elections.

Other key findings from this poll include:

  • 81 percent support “ensuring the Northeastern U.S. has enough energy capacity to meet the demand for electricity.”
  • 74 percent agree that “a balanced mix of renewables, natural gas, and nuclear is important to keep electricity affordable and reliable.”
  • 76 percent support “generating electricity using natural gas and fuels.”
  • 70 percent recognize that electricity prices are higher in the Northeast than the rest of the country
  • 58 percent approve of “expanding pipelines to deliver transportation fuels for consumers and markets.”
  • This poll’s findings closely mirror what CEA found in a similar poll last summer in Massachusetts

“Northeastern governors, legislators, and regulators should pay close attention to these results. Despite what you are hearing from the loudest anti-energy voices, the vast majority across New England and New York want a rational, balanced debate that protects, maintains, and grows steady supplies of affordable and reliable energy made possible by pipelines, “CEA President David Holt said. “Families, small businesses, and manufacturers in these states are struggling with exorbitant electric rates and need vital pipeline infrastructure to protect their livelihoods and keep the economy moving.”

The poll found that 86 percent of voters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York say energy will be important in how they vote in next year’s election cycle.

Holt added: “Voters made it loud and clear that if you are a candidate for office, think long and hard before endorsing policies that don’t support the safe, responsible development of energy infrastructure and rational, all-of-the-above policies.”

There is one area of concern: Per the poll’s findings, there’s an apparent disconnect or lack of understanding from respondents as to how pipelines and other related energy infrastructure impact fuel and electricity prices. Only 6 percent of respondents identified a lack pipeline infrastructure as a key driver in the region’s high electric rates.

“Independent grid regulators have repeatedly stressed that a lack of pipeline infrastructure on high energy demand days not only puts reliability at risk but increases upward pressure on spot market prices,” Holt said. “We will redouble our outreach efforts to ensure consumers and families in these states are better aware of how pipelines impact their bottom lines.”

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