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WASHINGTON, D.C. – JULY 21, 2017 – Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued final approval of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. After the announcement, Consumer Energy Alliance President, David Holt, issued the following statement:

“CEA applauds FERC’s decision to grant this critical permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Strong bipartisan majorities across the Mid-Atlantic support this vital project that would bring much-needed energy supplies to communities across North Carolina and Virginia.

“Pipeline infrastructure is critical to ensuring that families and small businesses have access to the energy resources that power their lives and help them pursue the American dream. Final EIS approval on this pipeline – and many more pipelines waiting on FERC review – represent billions of dollars in investment that will put fathers and mothers to work and provide much-needed tax dollars to build schools, hospitals, roads and provide emergency services – not to mention, lower the cost of home heating and electric bills.

“FERC’s EIS approval does, however, amplify the need for a quorum at the Commission to give final sign off on pipelines projects that have been determined to be safe and in the public’s interest. CEA urges the Senate and White House to swiftly confirm those who have been nominated to fill vacancies on the Commission and to advance nominated candidates qualified for the role. It’s time to stop delaying and put Americans back to work building our energy infrastructure.”

A recent poll in May from CEA revealed that a majority of voters in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina support the approval and construction of the 600-mile-long Atlantic Coast Pipeline. In all, 60 percent of the voters surveyed by CEA in West Virginia, where the pipeline would start, support the project, while 54 percent support the project in Virginia and 52 percent of surveyed voters support it in North Carolina.