Larimer Street in Denver Colorado

CEA’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Browning, explains the important role pipeline infrastructure plays in every sector of Colorado’s economy. Pipelines work invisibly beneath our feet, fueling the economic activity that powers our daily lives. Every routine habit relies on consistent and affordable energy access, and there is no safer or more efficient solution than pipelines.

Without conventional energy and its accompanying pipeline infrastructure, many Colorado-made necessities, like the plastic used in manufacturing skis and snowboards, plus the electricity used to power ski lifts, wouldn’t exist. We also wouldn’t have locally-grown, fresh foods from Colorado’s 37,000-plus farmers who need electricity generated by natural gas to operate their vast irrigation systems. They also need pipelines to funnel the fuel needed to power farming equipment and delivery trucks. Per statistics, 99.999 percent of energy moved through pipelines safely reaches its destination. Conversely, opposing pipelines would increase vehicular traffic, air emissions and the chances of an accident or spill.

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