Construction workers welding ship

Gary LaGrange of the Port of New Orleans discusses what initiatives, like Consumer Energy Alliance’s Campaign for America’s Energy , means for families and workers across Louisiana.

In addition to powering the facilities and equipment that keep our port operations running, energy is a vital source of commerce for our state and our country. Access to nearby areas like the Gulf of Mexico, coupled with a comprehensive energy delivery network, allows our ports — and their tenants — to retain and hire workers, invest in local communities, and deliver the goods and supplies needed to meet the demands of businesses, households, schools, offices and critical infrastructure sites across Louisiana and the nation, and around the world. By maintaining and expanding access to these domestic energy resources, we can help ensure that continues and promote the production of domestically-manufactured goods that transit through Louisiana ports on their way to consumers around the world. That is good news for port activity and even better for Louisiana’s families and businesses alike.

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