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Good news!

Washington and the new administration are continuing to address government overreach and looking to expand access to American offshore energy – And they need to hear from you!

We need your help to ensure American energy security, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars in economic activity for hard-working, middle-class Americans, low-income families and those in living in poverty so they can get lower energy costs, which are an essential lifeline to their economic opportunities.

Act NOW! 

From gasoline and electricity costs to everyday items like food, clothing, computers and smart phones, energy is everywhere and it makes our lives better.

Tell Washington that you support expanded access to America’s offshore energy resources! It matters to you and your neighbors.


RE: 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Leasing Program and Notice of Intent to Prepare a PEIS

Dear Ms. Hammerle and Dr. Lewandowski:

I applaud the Administration’s decision to examine opportunities for American offshore energy and support keeping all the areas being considered.

Families and businesses across the United States, especially individuals on fixed and low income and small businesses, depend on affordable, reliable energy to make ends meet and support their families and employees. Furthermore, increasing opportunities to develop our own resources here at home will provide economic growth that will help our children and grandchildren.  Offshore energy will also help support our nation’s aging infrastructure.

Studies have shown that expanded development in areas like the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and Alaska could support more than 560,000 jobs and over $314 billion in cumulative government revenue. At the same time, by developing energy here in America, under our stringent regulatory standards, we can help safeguard our environment.  We can and we must develop our natural resources while protecting our environment.  There is no reason that we cannot do both.

To meet America’s growing and long-term energy needs, it is vital to keep significant offshore opportunities in place. That is why I strongly encourage the U.S. Government to maintain all of its proposed leasing areas as the program is further developed.

Thank you again for proposing expanded opportunities to access American energy and for the opportunity to comment.