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Houston, TX — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a national consumer advocate representing families, small businesses, seniors, and households on fixed incomes, expressed concerns regarding a judge’s ruling in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana which would seemingly circumvent the approved regulatory and permitting process and stop construction on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in the Atchafalaya Basin – a project that has already received all federal approvals – without any explanation. CEA’s President David Holt issued the following statement:

“Pipelines deliver the energy we use to our communities. Without new or expanded pipelines like the Bayou Bridge, families and households struggling to get by risk higher energy costs, impacting their family budgets, their ability to get to work and school, and to keep our economy moving. This decision should be troubling for anyone who cares about prices at the pump, heating and cooling their home, or basic household security. It also raises questions about regulatory consistency as well as predictability and transparency when a federal judge stops a federally approved project without providing a rationale.”

According to a recent media article, the reasoning behind the judge’s decision to halt construction in the Atchafalaya Basin will ‘be assigned at a later date.’ The Bayou Bridge Pipeline has already received approvals to move forward from the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with nearly 90 percent of the project’s footprint using existing infrastructure right of way.


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