Driving a classic car

With the summer driving season in full swing and gas prices averaging around $2.85 per gallon, accounting for higher gas prices in your family budget will likely mean cutting back on other things. Where you choose to cut back will depend specifically on your family, but being aware that you need to make a change should make your budgeting easier. So here are small things, that when done altogether, can make a difference as you work to save some money this summer.

Carpooling is the easiest way to combat high gas prices. If you live close to your family or friends, work out a carpool agreement for things like daycare, sporting events, or even work! If you live in a rural or secluded area, see if you can adjust you and your partner’s schedules so that you can both ride to work together. These may seem like small changes, but they will save you a lot of money when gas prices are hovering around the $4.00 a gallon range!

Go for a Walk
If you work in the city and usually go out for lunch, consider keeping your parking spot and going for a walk instead. This will not only save you money on gas but is also great for your health and the environment! Ask a co-worker if they would like to tag along so that you are obligated to go and do not forget about your pledge to save money!

Ditch the Fancy Gas
If you are currently purchasing premium grade gas, you can likely stop. Most cars can handle regular old gas, so this is a great way to save money each time you stop at the pump! Keep in mind that not all cars are the same so you may need to put some research into this before actually making the switch.

Loyalty Programs
Depending on where you purchase your gas, you may be able to enroll in some type of loyalty program where you earn money back on your gas purchases. If you find a program you like, be sure to always stop at that brand of gas station so that you keep earning your rewards.

Think before Buying
If you are in the market for a new car, keep high gas prices in mind and opt for something that gets great fuel mileage. This is one of the best ways to save money on gas because no matter how high the price goes, you will still need less gas to fuel your car than other bigger vehicles.

Drive with Care
Believe it or not, the way you drive can actually impact how often you have to stop and refuel. You should take care to drive slightly below the speed limit and avoid hitting the gas rapidly. Even though this isn’t as fun as pretending that you are driving your very own racecar, it could result in fewer stops at the fuel pump, which can save you money.

Along the same lines, you should avoid slamming on your breaks when possible. You can improve this habit by keeping a respectable amount of distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Avoiding slamming the breaks can actually save you gas too!

Whether you are in the market for a new car or just looking to save money on gas prices, these tips should be of great assistance. Remember to drive with care, join loyalty programs, and be willing to get out of your car and walk if you can to save the most money on gas!