Denver, CO – Following the announcement by the Colorado Secretary of State that Initiative 97, a ban on oil and gas drilling brought forward through out-of-state Big Green funding, had gathered the required number of signatures to make the November ballot, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) put out the following statement:

“Initiative 97, now known as Proposition 112, would have a devastating impact on the personal income of Colorado’s energy consumers and has significant employment and economic repercussions beyond just Colorado’s oil and gas industry including retail trade, health care, construction, and food services,” said Andrew Browning, Chief Operating Officer of CEA.

“The carelessness of proposing such an initiative flies in the face of hard-working men and women and needlessly removes jobs through-out Colorado communities without any thoughtful solutions on how to continue forward with safe production of our state’s resources.

“We hope Colorado citizens understand the seriousness of this proposition and what is at stake. Together, our friends, our neighbors, and our state are all at risk of losing jobs, access to affordable energy, and billions of dollars to our economy. It’s time for our state’s policymakers to come to the table to find rational solutions, not knee-jerk reactions.”


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Emily Haggstrom