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CEA Florida’s Kevin Doyle discusses the impact of energy policy in the recent Florida elections, and why voters support candidates that offer commonsense policies and solutions that ensure we can become energy independent and protect our environment at the same time.

When the dust finally settles around the horserace aspect of the election, and our duly-elected leaders are sworn in, attention will once again turn to the major issues of the day. According to a statewide poll released just before Election Day, the sentiment of Floridians is that energy should be front and center.

The survey conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) and the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce shows that more than 90 percent of Florida voters believe that affordable and reliable energy solutions and clean air and water are important for families and businesses in the Sunshine State. Three-quarters support a balanced fuel mix that includes renewables, natural gas and nuclear in order to keep electricity affordable and reliable, with more than 60 percent favoring expanded activity in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico over a prohibition.

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