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Families, farmers, and businesses across the country depend on our network of pipelines to deliver everything from oil and gasoline to natural gas and other products we rely on everyday – the safest, most environmentally-sustainable way to transport the energy our country needs.

Pipelines have gotten a rap they have not deserved. Back in the early 2000s, Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta (D-CA) talked about pipelines as the “unsung heroes of our economy” and said that they were like veins and arteries in our own bodies, providing the lifeblood to the American economy. A Democrat from San Jose, California, Secretary Mineta, a noted champion of human rights and justice, expressed a view that was once held by both political parties. Pipelines bring energy resources to families, small businesses, and communities to heat homes, cook food, and support the economy. Most importantly, they are also facilitating environmental progress right below our feet.

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