Storage of pipe line segments for placement

The delay on Line 3 continues to allow the current pipeline to deteriorate. Built more than 50 years ago, the updates needed are imperative. A new line will have the latest technology available for strict safety measures, that Line 3 has passed, and continues to pass.

“Climate-change activists want to ban fossil fuels, and that means opposing all pipelines that move oil from producers to the market. Green activists succeeded in delaying Enbridge’s Line 3 in the Upper Midwest for more than a year, but last week the oil pipeline cleared a key regulatory hurdle. That’s good news for the environment.”


“Environmentalists would prefer to shut down the old Line 3 without replacing it. But demand for oil endures, and without a pipeline it would reach consumers by road or rail. The risks of a spill persist, and the alternative methods of transportation are more carbon-intensive than pipelines.”


“Credit Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission for recognizing these realities. As usual, climate-change absolutists brook no dissent in their demands for the fantasy of a world without fossil fuels.”

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