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AAA reported that Americans will take 700 million trips from July to August, down 15 percent from last year. They estimate close to 97% of travel will consist of road trips. If you’re planning on taking a cruise down to the closest beach or lake in your state, make sure you’re up-to-date with AAA’s travel tips during COVID. This week’s top five energy stories will be great reading whether you’re on the road or sitting back and relaxing at home. In case you missed last week’s, check them out here.

5FIFA commits to carbon-neutral 2022 football World Cup

The 2022 World Cup preparation is now taking shape. This global event will strive to make a very ambitious goal ahead of the first kickoff. Euractiv has recently reported that FIFA will aim to reach carbon neutrality at the next World Cup, to be hosted by Qatar in 2022. 

4Want jobs and clean energy? This overlooked technology could deliver both

This once overlooked renewable technology is now taking center stage. Expanded job opportunities and clean energy would be a direct result of investing in transmission. According to the Los Angeles Times, new power lines would facilitate the construction of solar and wind farms, creating high-paying jobs.

3Catch up on the latest nuclear technology advances

Scientists are using triso particles that are alien-looking fuel with built-in safety features to power a new generation of high-temperature reactors. Wired Magazine outlines the next step in nuclear energy.

2Electric bus launched with 250 km range

An electric minibus has hit the Korean market and aims to be economical, eco-friendly, and safe. According to The Times of India, this is the first electric bus that is equipped with a high-power 128kWh lithium-ion-polymer battery that provides a range of 250 km on a full charge.

1McDonald’s announces plans to introduce ‘rapid charging’ for electric vehicles at new UK drive-thrus

Changes are happening throughout the automotive industry. The shift in how people view electric cars will depend on multiple factors. CNBC has reported that McDonald’s U.K. said Monday that it was planning to install rapid charging points for electric vehicles at new drive-thru restaurants in the country.