Storage of pipe line segments for placement

Consumer Energy Alliance’s report, How Pipelines Can Spur Immediate Post-COVID Economic Recovery, was featured in a discussion on the importance of energy infrastructure.

A recent study by the Consumer Energy Alliance has documented more than $13.6 billion of “shovel ready” projects that are bottled up in litigation, permit delays, and other forms of push-back by environmentalists. About 66,000 jobs paying an average of $117,000 are at risk, and state and local governments face the prospect of losing more than $280 million in annual revenue while already suffering huge shortfalls because of the pandemic. Spending on pipeline construction also can have a large multiplier effect by spurring demand in manufacturing and other industrial sectors in the energy supply chain.


By itself, the construction of long-delayed pipelines won’t bring our economy back to full strength. But what is important for full economic recovery is ensuring that America remains the world’s dominant energy producer. Building pipelines, liquefied natural gas and crude oil export terminals, and other types of energy delivery infrastructure can help keep us No. 1.

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