This week was full of huge headlines, so let’s jump right into the biggest stories. Everyone’s talking about the madness that came out of the first 2020 presidential debate, President Trump and first lady Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19 and Jim Carrey playing Joe Biden on ‘SNL’. And while some may be cheering – or crying – about Christmas decorations being out in stores and up already, we’ve officially entered the spooky season of October, which means we’re only three months away from the end of 2020.

After all of this week’s excitement, it’s time for all of the latest energy news to get you ready for the weekend.

1Unpaid utility bills are piling up

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, millions of Americans have had unpaid bills piling up. The Washington Post reports on how Americans nationwide are racking up unpaid utility bills as the economy continues sputtering.

2Scientists believe fusion energy possible within a decade

After dreams of making a power plant powered by fusion, scientists are now optimistic about the technology being possible within a decade. E&E News breaks down how researchers are predicting that the end result will be a prototype for a medium-size electric power plant that can safely and cost-effectively make power on a small plot of land.


Not sure about solar panels? How about portable wind turbines?

An inventor released a new portable wind turbine that is cheaper than solar panels and more efficient in places that get fewer than 300 days of sun a year. Euronews explains how each 1kW wind turbine is about the size of a large beer barrel, so it can sit on a roof, fence, or on top of a public building, boat, or any secure surface.

4Building out energy infrastructure can help economic recovery

Despite various coronavirus-related stimulus bills, very little has been allocated to capital spending, which is critical for sustaining a post-pandemic economic recovery. A contributor from The Hill highlights how a full economic recovery is helped by building pipelines, liquefied natural gas and crude oil export terminals and other types of energy delivery infrastructure.

5Army’s Fort Bragg to get floating solar project

The U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg is slated to become home to the largest floating solar plant in the southeastern United States. Kallanish Energy reports how Fort Bragg will be getting a 1.1-megawatt system under a contract which will focus on energy resiliency and security, including infrastructure modernization.