Today, Congress passed a one-week funding bill to avert a government shutdown. Now policymakers may look at attaching energy policy provisions and pandemic aid to an omnibus spending package.

While Congress has been working on keeping the government open, we’ve also seen how Brent crude prices increased above $50 as oil continues to rebound from the April lows of $19 a barrel during global economic shutdowns. And as pipeline operators don’t hope for low oil prices, they have seen how lower prices during the COVID shutdown have helped to boost the value of existing infrastructure.

Speaking of impacts from the pandemic, global greenhouse gas emissions plunged by roughly 2.4 billion tons this year, a 7% drop from 2019 and the largest decline on record, because of global pandemic restrictions. The U.S. had the largest decline in carbon emissions, 12%, followed by the European Union, at 11%.

Fortunately, the U.S. was already leading in global emissions reductions even before the coronavirus lockdowns began earlier this year! Looking for more good news? Here are our five favorite stories to help you start your weekend!

5Electric delivery bikes coming soon?

Imagine bikes that can carry heavy loads with the help of both electric and pedal power. E&E News shares how these new electric bikes are emerging as delivery options in big cities.

4Turning kitchen grease into renewable diesel

As renewable diesel becomes more popular, producers worry there may not be enough kitchen grease and animal fat to go around. The New York Times explains why energy companies are increasing production of renewable diesel.

3Energy manufacturing turns to 3D printing

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for oil and gas companies to acquire parts. shares how companies have turned to 3D printing as a solution.


Recycling wind turbines into cement

Most wind turbines end up in landfills when no longer in use. But a new agreement between two companies will recycle them into cement, according to E&E News.


1Energy Department announces $130 million in solar technology projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced selections for millions in funding for 67 projects across 30 states to advance solar technologies. highlights how the projects include new areas of research in artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid plants, and solar with agriculture.