People in Line During Pandemic

PITTSBURGH, PAConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, expressed concern over Governor Tom Wolf’s severance tax proposal, announced during his recent budget address. Following the delivery of a severance tax opposition coalition letter to Gov. Tom Wolf and all members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly signed by CEA and numerous organizations, CEA-Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler released the following statement:

“Unfortunately, Pennsylvanians are seeing another year with yet another severance tax proposal from Gov. Wolf, who claims more punitive energy taxes will help support workforce development and create jobs to help the state recover from the pandemic. This flawed proposal has failed before, and it needs to fail again.”

“While we acknowledge the fiscal challenges that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions imposed on the economy, this proposal won’t help the Keystone State’s long-term economic competitiveness or job creation in our manufacturing, energy development and construction – all of which shouldered a heavy burden in 2020.”

“Instead of hurting Pennsylvania’s small businesses and families with higher costs, enacting job-killing taxes and making our industry less competitive, let’s support one of our brightest spots for growth. Not only can our abundant supply of natural gas be used to power businesses, homes, schools and sectors across the state, it can also keep supporting our long-term improvement in air quality and greenhouse gas reductions.”

“Emissions in Pennsylvania have fallen 92% since 1990, a period that saw the Commonwealth’s energy production surge to record levels and drive down consumer costs. At the same time, Pennsylvania proved that we can have energy production, expanded pipeline infrastructure, and sound environmental stewardship at the same time. We must continue that progress, and continue to demonstrate Pennsylvania’s environmental leadership.”