This week, the U.S. Treasury Department released details of President Biden’s infrastructure plan, which includes replacing subsidies for traditional fuel companies while providing tax incentives for producing renewable energy or advanced batteries for energy storage.

Republicans are planning to unveil their own climate change plan later this month, which is scheduled to be rolled out the week of April 19 to coincide with Earth Week, and will likely focus on CO2 capture, plastics and trees.

Predictions are rolling in for the cost of gasoline this summer, with the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicting regular gas prices to average $2.78 per gallon, about 30 percent higher than last year. While others are predicting the national average will get has high as $3 per gallon.

Oil prices edged lower on Friday amid rising supplies and uncertainty over COVID-19’s impact on fuel demand.

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5DOE launches a geothermal lithium extraction prize

The Department of Energy recently announced a lithium extraction competition created to advance technologies to mine lithium from geothermal brines. E&E News reports on how researchers across the U.S. can participate to win a portion of the $4 million prize.

4The future of organic solar cells

While everyone knows about utility-scale solar farms or rooftop solar, the latest innovation for solar is a solar panel on a sunroof on a car, a tent top or the windows of an office building. Green Biz breaks down how organic solar cells work, the future of the technology and its unique applications.

3Energy department awards $5 million to the next gen nuclear scientists and engineers

DOE announced more than $5 million in scholarships and fellowships for students pursuing degrees in nuclear energy and engineering. details how these awards will help to invest in the next generation of nuclear energy leaders, so that they can develop innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

2Offshore wind to boost demand for diesel technology

With President Biden’s focus on boosting wind energy, turbines will need to rely substantially on high-powered and specialized diesel engines. WorkBoat breaks down how diesel technology will contribute to wind power by providing the mobile power, performance, and reliability needed for turbines.

1Is hydrogen the future of electricity storage?

US power operators are seeking to show that gas can be an on-demand repository of renewable energy. Financial Times examines how hydrogen can help cut emissions across industries from transport to construction.