Join Us As We Work With New Mexicans to Build a Balanced Energy Future

As New Mexicans, we need to support local and state policies that promote our communities’ well-being through opportunities that drive our economic success and balance our state’s energy and environmental future.

Through the responsible development of all of New Mexico’s energy resources, we can help sustain local businesses and families who depend on a healthy economy for their livelihoods. That means committing to acknowledge that:

  • New Mexico is recognized as a national leader in balancing natural resource development with environmental stewardship. By pursuing and adopting some of the most ambitious regulations and clean energy standards in the county, our state leads in responsible energy development.
  • Natural resource-based industries like agriculture, mining, oil and natural gas, and renewable energy support more than 250,000 jobs in New Mexico. We need to help protect these jobs with balanced energy policies.
  • In New Mexico, we appreciate diversity, from our landscapes and cultures to our red and green chile. And we’ve seen firsthand what one-size-fits-all policies do to people across our state. We can’t afford to make New Mexico uncompetitive with our neighbors. This unintended consequence will only hurt our businesses and prospects for an equitable economic recovery.
  • Policymakers must work with all of our communities to adopt policies based on science, data, and facts, not exaggerations or scare tactics that only serve a “political agenda” rather than the communities they are intended to protect.
  • Policymakers need to consider the financial implications to all families and businesses across the state as they work to diversify our energy future. It is vital since nearly 20 percent of New Mexicans live in poverty. Families living in poverty carry an energy burden three times higher than other households do – with some in our rural communities paying as much as 37 percent of their income on utilities.

New Mexicans always do better together. As we explore new energy options and environmental pathways, it is crucial that we come together for people all across the state.

Join us and be a part of creating solutions we can all get behind.

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