Person at Gas Station

The Biden administration’s regulatory plan released on Dec. 10 will miss a self-imposed deadline to roll back key Trump-era efficiency standards this year. The Office of Management and Budget said the new agenda will help advance work on various energy and climate priorities. But efficiency advocates are questioning DOE’s timelines, citing a January executive order from Biden that set expectations for changes this year.

While current high gasoline prices and inflation are “crippling the buying power” of American families, CEA Federal Affairs Adviser Michael Zehr outlines why people should be wary of potential regulation that substitutes for what can’t be passed via legislation.

“Nowhere in this voluminous regulatory update is there a single action to make energy cheaper and more reliable for ordinary people,” Zehr said, adding that “new regulations affecting everyday items like lightbulbs and household furnaces and water heaters actually accomplish nothing more than passing hidden costs to Americans — especially those who can least afford it.”

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