Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading advocate for sensible energy policies that provide all available energy choices for families, small businesses, manufacturers, and farmers, applauds Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry and the Louisiana Legislature for enacting bills which advance strong, bipartisan initiatives to maximize energy choices and encourage carbon capture and storage for continued commercially feasible environmental improvement for businesses and communities. Louisiana keeps building on its record of being a leader in energy freedom and development.

“Only six months after winning the ability to permit its own carbon storage wells from the Environmental Protection Agency, Louisiana keeps showing that it intends to be a continued nationwide leader in domestic energy production and a model for the rest of the world for pro-business, market-based carbon management and environmental technology. These new laws are important steps in the right direction to not only decrease carbon emissions, but to create and sustain family-wage jobs for generations all across Louisiana’s business community, while increasing public safety, transparency, and community engagement,”  CEA Gulf Coast Deputy Director Shawn Waldron said.

CEA actively supported multiple bills throughout this session – including House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Brett Geymann’s package of legislation that protects the property rights of landowners engaged in leasing for carbon storage.

“With the enactment of these bills, coupled with Governor Landry’s executive actions to streamline permitting, Louisiana has truly positioned itself as a national leader in carbon capture and storage development, attracting billions in economic investments to the state and ensuring these operations are done safely and effectively,” Waldron said.

Governor Landry also recently signed House Bill 515, which preemptively bans the enactment of vehicle mandates based on engine type. This piece of legislation – supported throughout this session by CEA – ensures that Louisiana families and business have the right to choose which kind of vehicle they choose to drive, and that car dealerships, many of which are small businesses, are not burdened with the additional costs of supplying electric vehicles that their buyers do not want.

This legislation advances sound policies that favor both consumers and energy choices, protecting generations of industrial jobs, keeping manufactured products affordable for businesses of all sizes, and maintaining low energy prices. CEA supported HB 937 (protects landowner liability), HB 966 (provides for a unitization process for geological storage) and HB 492 (protects landowner rights related to eminent domain).


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