“Elected leaders across the state have the opportunity to implement and manage a sensible energy policy that provides solutions to meet our energy needs and keep costs down.  That’s why it’s important that Campaign for America’s Energy helps to remind our elected leaders of that opportunity and to understand how energy needs can be met while we also protecting our environment.”

– Brewster Bevis, Associated Industries of Florida

Floridians are spending nearly $2,800 annually on energy.  These expenses saddle people in communities across Florida who can least afford them, and leave them to make difficult decisions, like whether to pay their bills or feed their families. Learn More

Florida News

Offshore oil platform in ocean

Interior Announces First Oil Drilling Sales of the Biden Era

Michael Zehr, CEA's Federal Policy Advisor, commented on the announcement of the first offshore lease sales and their impact on American energy production. “While we are glad that the Biden Administration has announced a resumption...

Green New Deal Would Cost American Consumers More Than $258 Billion – in JUST...

The “Green New Deal” is not such a good deal for American energy consumers. Designed to completely replace America’s use of abundant and affordable energy sources such as natural gas, the resolution’s goal is...

Ripple Effects of Targeting a Single Industry Hit the Entire Economy

With the stroke of a pen, thousands of union construction jobs modernizing our nation's energy transmission system were eliminated.  CEA's David Holt looks at how this one action impacts the entire economy. In this case,...
Ice on electric lines

Texas Energy Crisis a Wake-Up Call for Policymakers

As Texas begins to recover from mass power outages, CEA's David Holt looks at the necessity of designing a robust energy system that delivers affordable and reliable service, using the best each form of...

The Rod Arquette Show with David Holt

CEA's David Holt appeared on The Rod Arquette Show to talk about the negative effects of oil and gas lease bans on federal lands will have on the American economy. Listen here - 105.9 KNRS