Campaign for America’s Energy

Campaign for America’s Energy highlights the importance of affordable, reliable energy in the lives of families and businesses nationally and the consequences that result from bad policy decisions. By continuing to hold the energy industry to a high standard and recognize our environmental goals, we Americans can have a healthier environment and energy production.

Alabama Rikard's MillEnergy diversification and investments in infrastructure are essential to ensuring access to affordable energy for all Alabamians across the economic spectrum.

Floridians spend nearly $2,800 annually on energy – more than 10 percent of the state’s average monthly income.

Georgia Forest Georgians spend nearly $3,275 annually per person on energy – nearly 7 percent of the state’s median household income.

Louisiana Plantation

Louisianans spend over $6,500 annually on energy.  For a low-income Louisianan living at the poverty line, that translates to over 54 percent of their individual income.

Traveling through Mississippi Forest Mississippians spend over $4,230 annually on energy.  For a low-income Mississippian living at the poverty line, that translates to 35 percent of their individual income.

North Carolina Mountains North Carolina’s economic development infrastructure is reliant on a modern energy policy that promotes affordable and reliable energy production and delivery.

Farm in OhioThe average Ohioan will spend around $3,044 on energy per year, representing $7,519 or 15% of household income.

Pennsylvania FarmPennsylvania is America’s second largest producer of nuclear energy, the third largest in natural gas production, and fourth in coal resources.

South Carolina Golf CourseThis is a pivotal time for state lawmakers to initiate a 21st century energy policy that satisfies our needs, while ensuring affordable energy .

Virginia Shenandoah National ParkToday’s hyper-partisan political climate is preventing Virginia’s small businesses and families from reaping the benefits of advancements in energy production and delivery.

West Virginia Small BusinessThe average price of gasoline in West Virginia is higher than the national average, leaving a big impact on the roughly 18% of West Virginians who live in poverty.

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