“While some Ohioans mistakenly believe they must choose between a healthy environment or accessing energy, the truth is, no choice is necessary. We can have both. We all want a cleaner environment and affordable energy, regardless of our political affiliation. That’s why it’s important that CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy helps to remind our elected leaders of the opportunity Ohio’s energy resources provide and to understand how energy needs can be met while we also protecting our environment.”

– Guy Coviello, Vice President of Government Affairs, Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce

Ohio is in the ‘heartland’ of America and is perhaps the quintessential American state. With the 7th largest GDP, Ohio is a top producer and consumer. The average Ohioan will spend around $3,044 on energy per year, and with an average household size of just under 2 and a half, this represents $7,519 or 15% of household income. For those living below the poverty line, – nearly 15% of the Ohio population – this percentage skyrockets to 42% of income. Due to the long and cold the winters, home heating is not something that Ohioans can simply choose to cut back on, even if money is tight.

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