As a state, Florida uses more energy than it produces. A growing economy, rising population and increasing globalization all put pressure on Florida to import more energy from other states and overseas, as well as produce more of its own energy.

Our Florida chapter works to provide information and advocacy on the various ways Florida is working to diversify its energy portfolio. From expanding residential solar capacity, increased exploration for natural gas, and opportunities to site offshore wind and oil and gas facilities, Florida’s energy future is full of sunshine!

  • When Conversations Turn Violent

    CEA President David Holt was featured in the Washington Examiner after anti-energy extremists deliberately attempted to shut down critical energy infrastructure, endangering not only first responders, but families, and the environment at risk. These coordinated eco-terrorist attacks could have been catastrophic. These groups are shifting from peaceful to increasingly violent protests — and it must stop. We […]

  • Amendment 1 would boost solar energy and benefit all

    Kevin Doyle, Executive Director of CEA-Florida, was recently featured in the Historic City News. Renewable, clean, reliable and getting increasingly more affordable, solar energy is dramatic and can change the globe, starting with the way Florida harvests and consumes electricity. So it’s imperative that we have the right set of balanced policies to ensure that […]

  • Lend a Hand and Help Build a Pipeline

    CEA President David Holt addressed how obstructing responsible infrastructure development and maintenance harms America’s hardworking laborers, families, and small businesses. Hating pipelines – and energy production – seems like the trendiest thing to do, doesn’t it? It’s high school all over again, and if you think pipelines are a must-have, well, you’re just not with […]

  • During Hurricane Season, Pipelines Expansion Is a Must-have

    CEA Florida Executive Director was featured in the Sun Sentinel discussing the importance of pipelines during hurricane season. Florida is reportedly vulnerable to energy disruption in one of two ways: if supply is shut down in the Gulf of Mexico, or if a pipeline fails. Hurricanes — which can interrupt supply and leave the state susceptible […]

  • Additional Pipelines Needed in Near Future to Meet Energy Needs

    CEA Florida’s Executive Director Kevin Doyle recently discussed the necessity of pipelines to meet our energy needs. It was reported, back in 2008, that Florida was vulnerable to energy disruption if supply was shut down in the Gulf of Mexico or if a pipeline failed. And hurricanes – which can interrupt supply and leave the state […]

  • Florida Amendment Votes Put Solar in the Spotlight

    Consumer Energy Alliance’s solar incentive analysis was featured in an article in the Sun Sentinel. Solar energy is getting more attention than ever in Florida thanks to two ballot measures this election season. But the attention isn’t translating into increased sales just yet, solar providers say, citing fear among potential customers that solar systems will become […]

  • Solar Reduces Energy Costs

    CEA Florida’s Kevin Doyle recently had an op-ed in the Miami Herald regarding CEA’s solar incentive analysis. Solar energy is clean, reliable, increasingly affordable, and thanks to the popularity of utility-scale, community projects and rooftop installations, a continuously growing part of America’s modernizing electricity mix. Due to lower costs and government-incentive programs, solar photovoltaic (PV) is also […]

  • CEA Report: States Are Seeking More Economically Efficient Solar Incentives

    Energy Manager Today took a look at CEA’s solar incentive analysis. As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA’s) Solar Energy Future campaign, the 400,000-member nationwide advocacy group on August 8 released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives.” Conducted on behalf of CEA by Borlick & Associates, a management consulting group, […]

  • CEA Releases Comprehensive Solar Incentive Analysis; Highlights Importance of Pro-Solar, Pro-Grid, Pro-Consumer Policies

    As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA) Solar Energy Future campaign, the organization today released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives,” that provides a comprehensive quantification of solar incentives available for U.S. energy consumers. The report analyzes the cost for a typical solar facility in 15 states and […]

  • It’s Time to Fight Back Against Anti-Development Threat

    CEA’s Jack Belcher discusses the savings families have seen as a result of American energy development. We’re well aware of the many successes that America’s energy revolution has produced. We’re now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer. Not only are we importing less oil, but we’re exporting it now, too. In fact, the […]