The southeast is experiencing dramatic changes in its electricity generation and transmission industries. Much of this change threatens the affordability and reliability of electricity for energy consumers and utility customers. But opportunities are still available with the right policies in place.

The southeast is faced with new changes to the regions electricity generation portfolio mandated in the Clean Power Plan, roadblocks to increased electricity generation from clean sources of power like nuclear, and opportunities in offshore wind and oil and natural gas exploration. CEA brings together diverse groups of consumers, businesses and policy makers to navigate the uncertainty and work to enact policies that expand choice and opportunity, grow the region’s economy, create new jobs, and reduce energy costs for consumers.

  • Holiday Travel Rising With Falling Gas Prices, Stronger Economy

    CEA’s Brydon Ross was interviewed by the Bowling Green Daily News about gas prices during the Thanksgiving travel weekend. Brydon Ross, vice president of state affairs with Consumer Energy Alliance said the efforts in the United States to become less dependent on foreign oil have contributed to a rise in Americans opting to travel by […]

  • CEA Issues Statement on Offshore Energy Announcement

    Houston, TX — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt today issued the following statement following the Interior Department’s release of the Proposed Final 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Leasing Program: “Today’s announcement removing yet more areas from consideration for offshore energy leasing over the next five years is a significant step backward […]

  • Give New Leadership and Energy a Chance

    CEA President David Holt was featured in RealClear Energy discussing the results of the 2016 Presidential Election and its impact on energy policy. The silent majority, which includes working-class families, union workers, seniors, and households living below the poverty level, want the economic and environmental benefits America’s energy revolution can provide, like jobs, lower electric […]

  • When Conversations Turn Violent

    CEA President David Holt was featured in the Washington Examiner after anti-energy extremists deliberately attempted to shut down critical energy infrastructure, endangering not only first responders, but families, and the environment at risk. These coordinated eco-terrorist attacks could have been catastrophic. These groups are shifting from peaceful to increasingly violent protests — and it must stop. We […]

  • Solar Industry Waits for Lift From New Law

    Georgia Power and green energy advocates said a new state law enacted in 2015 would make it easier for people to begin harvesting sunshine to power their homes or businesses. A year and a half later, you have to look really hard to find a solar project in Georgia launched by the Solar Power Free-Market […]

  • Lend a Hand and Help Build a Pipeline

    CEA President David Holt addressed how obstructing responsible infrastructure development and maintenance harms America’s hardworking laborers, families, and small businesses. Hating pipelines – and energy production – seems like the trendiest thing to do, doesn’t it? It’s high school all over again, and if you think pipelines are a must-have, well, you’re just not with […]

  • Southeast Braces for Wild Ride as Energy Priorities Take Shape

    CEA Vice President Michael Whatley was recently featured in E&E following his presentation at the Southern States Energy Board. The greater Southeast has transitioned to an “all of the above” strategy when it comes to electricity on the grid, but its states continue to fight federal regulation with “both hands tied behind their backs,” members […]

  • The Solar Industry Cashes in on Government Subsidies

    Consumer Energy Alliance’s solar incentive analysis was featured in an op-ed by North Carolina State Rep. Chris Millis. Imagine for a moment you are a North Carolina hog farmer, and you live adjacent to a gentleman who raises chickens, and that the meat produced from both costs the same per pound. Read more – The Daily […]

  • CEA Report: States Are Seeking More Economically Efficient Solar Incentives

    Energy Manager Today took a look at CEA’s solar incentive analysis. As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA’s) Solar Energy Future campaign, the 400,000-member nationwide advocacy group on August 8 released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives.” Conducted on behalf of CEA by Borlick & Associates, a management consulting group, […]

  • CEA Releases Comprehensive Solar Incentive Analysis; Highlights Importance of Pro-Solar, Pro-Grid, Pro-Consumer Policies

    As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA) Solar Energy Future campaign, the organization today released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives,” that provides a comprehensive quantification of solar incentives available for U.S. energy consumers. The report analyzes the cost for a typical solar facility in 15 states and […]