Texas is America’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. It is also the largest producer of wind power. CEA Texas works to reinvigorate Texan pride in energy production.

CEA Texas works to advocate for increased energy production in the Lone Star State. We help push back against groups who want to diminish Texas energy production and erect roadblocks to responsible state oversight of the energy industry. CEA works to promote and hold Texas up to the rest of the nation as an example of how to balance responsible energy production and environmental and consumer protection.

Texas is home to CEA and our headquarters are located in Houston. CEA’s Energy Day Festival is also located in Houston with new states coming soon.

  • Leaders Need to Step up Stem Education

    CEA President David Holt is featured in the Houston Business Journal discussing the importance of STEM education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a rising consensus that our nation’s future economic competitiveness depends upon strengthening our students’ skills in STEM. Unfortunately, American students rank just 27th in math and 20th in […]

  • Energy Day Festival

    Since its inception in 2011, Energy Day, the largest free festival of its kind, has helped spark Houston-area students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the classroom skills industry needs to continue its record-breaking energy revolution and provide the affordable, reliable energy it has supplied to millions of American families, farms, factories and […]

  • 6th Annual Energy Day Festival que tendrá lugar en Houston el 15 de Octubre

    El Sue Este de Tejas featured Energy Day Festival 2016. Con los estudiantes de nuevo en la escuela y la fuerza laboral estadounidense enfrenta una creciente escasez de trabajadores cualificados en áreas relacionadas con la ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y matemáticas (STEM), Alianza del Consumidor de Energía (CEA) y la Fundación para la Educación del Consumidor de Energía […]

  • Consumer Energy Alliance Presents Energy Day 2016

    CEA’s Energy Day was featured in CultureMap Houston. An official City of Houston event, Energy Day 2016 is a family-friendly festival that celebrates and highlights the importance of energy and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in people’s daily lives. There will be a variety of interactive energy exhibits and booths, live music, food, contests […]

  • Energy Festival Keeps Focus on Stem

    CEA’s Energy Day was featured in E&P. When it comes to educating children, there is still a lot of buzz around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). And rightly so, because there is a growing number of jobs that require knowledge of STEM skills; however, fewer students—specifically in the U.S.—are pursuing expertise in STEM fields, […]

  • Lend a Hand and Help Build a Pipeline

    CEA President David Holt addressed how obstructing responsible infrastructure development and maintenance harms America’s hardworking laborers, families, and small businesses. Hating pipelines – and energy production – seems like the trendiest thing to do, doesn’t it? It’s high school all over again, and if you think pipelines are a must-have, well, you’re just not with […]

  • It’s Time to Fight Back Against Anti-Development Threat

    CEA’s Jack Belcher discusses the savings families have seen as a result of American energy development. We’re well aware of the many successes that America’s energy revolution has produced. We’re now the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer. Not only are we importing less oil, but we’re exporting it now, too. In fact, the […]

  • Economy Still Suffering Because of Down Oil and Gas Industry

    CEA’s David Holt appeared on Houston’s Morning News to talk about energy and the economy. Houston’s Morning News with Matt Patrick and welcomes David Holt, president of Consumer Energy Alliance, to discuss the U.S. economy and how without the oil and gas industry, it’s not looking so good. With oil hovering a $50/barrel, companies have […]

  • ‘Keep it in the Ground’: Not the Energy Plan We Need

    CEA President David Holt was featured in RealClear Energy discussing how consumers have benefited from American energy production. America’s energy revolution has resulted in record-low oil and gas prices, which have allowed us to keep warm for less, use energy-intensive electronics like smartphones, drive more than ever, and better provide for our families. For many, […]

  • ‘Keep It in the Ground’ Movement Targets Gulf of Mexico

    CEA’s Brent Greenfield was interviewed by E&E News about the importance of ensuring America can benefit from sustainably produced domestic energy. While industry may be fairly dismissive of the environmental groups now, officials at Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) believe this to be a mistake. They made their own presence known at the gathering yesterday afternoon in […]