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Bill S.F. 2584, the Clean Transportation Standard, is more than just a policy—it directly threatens your financial stability. Designed to appear as a bill focused on environmental protection, it will actually increase your daily expenses, restrict your transportation options, and impose unfair burdens on our most vulnerable communities.

Say NO to a $0.50 gas increase in Minnesota!

The Hidden Costs of S.F. 2584: A Tax on Every Gallon You Buy

An independent analysis shows that the Bill could increase fuel prices significantly, hitting hardest those who can least afford it. Imagine paying an extra $0.50 or more for every gallon when you fill up your tank. Low-income families, who already spend a larger share of their income on transportation, could see their fuel expenses surge, consuming over 10% of their household budget. This isn’t just a policy—it’s a penalty on your way of life.

In fact, the California policy this bill is modeled on was analyzed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) last year. CARB determined California policies could cause gas prices to increase $0.52 and diesel to increase $0.66 next year.

The impact to you if fuel costs rise $.50/gal:

A Blow to Your Budget

Minnesotans have enjoyed some of the lowest gas prices compared to other households in the U.S. S.F. 2584 threatens to undo this, escalating the average cost that Minnesota households spend on gas, pushing the state down the path of others like California, Oregon, and Washington, where fuel prices are among the highest in the nation due to similar policies. Why should Minnesotans bear the burden of a policy that makes life more expensive for everyone?

Unfair and Unequal Impact

S.F. 2584 doesn’t affect everyone equally. It disproportionately impacts those living in rural areas who depend on their vehicles for daily tasks and lack alternative transportation options. It’s not just about paying more at the pump; it’s about the fundamental fairness of a policy that benefits a few at the expense of many.

A $0.50 increase for every gallon of gas would cause the share of household income devoted to fuel expenses to surpass 10% of all other household spending. For families struggling to make ends meet, this additional cost could mean cutting back on other essentials such as food, healthcare, or housing.

This legislation would make the economic challenges for low-income families in urban areas even worse. This is why it is crucial to consider equitable solutions that address these disparities and consider everyone in our community, especially those who can least afford it, while we continue to pursue our environmental goals.

Urgent Action Needed! Stand Up and Oppose a Hidden Gas Tax Today!

Your voice matters. Opposing the S.F. 2584 isn’t just about saying no to higher costs; it’s about standing up for fairness, equity, and the right to choose what’s best for you and your family. Join us in calling on our legislators to STOP the $0.50 per gallon hidden tax increase.

Sign our petition, share your story, and ensure that Minnesota remains a place where policies work for the people, not against them.

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