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100 Percent Renewables Not Possible

CEA's Emily Haggstrom looks at the technological and environmental constraints policymakers must consider when developing energy policies that will affect families and businesses across...

Utica Shale’s Impact on Ohio Past 10 Years: $100 Billion!

CEA's recent report on the $40.2 billion in savings Ohio families and businesses have seen as a result of decreases in natural gas prices...

Group Touts Natural Gas Savings, Wants More Pipeline Capacity, Fracking

CEA's Mike Butler looks at how New York's politicians are closing the door on providing families affordable energy as moratoriums on natural gas are...
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Morning Drive with Joel Riley Featuring Brydon Ross

CEA's Brydon Ross joined WTVN's Joel Riley to talk about the 22nd Annual Ohio Energy Management Conference and how Ohio has embraced an all-of-the-above...

CEA Interviewed about Winter Energy Tips

Consumer Energy Alliance's Midwest Director Ryan Scott discusses 10 tips for consumers to save money on winter energy bills with Fox-45 in Dayton, Ohio.
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Trump’s Plans to Expand Offshore Drilling Face Headwind on Atlantic Coast

With expanded offshore energy exploration proposed by the Trump Administration, CEA's David Holt was interviewed about what energy consumers are hearing along the Atlantic. "This...

Natural-gas production is saving jobs in Pa.

Consumer Energy Alliance President David Holt explains via an op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer how natural-gas production has improved the lives and livelihoods of Pennsylvanians,...

Amid Mid-Eastern chaos Alaska could strengthen America

By Dave Harbour A year ago our family visited countries now ablaze in rebellion. We toured museums, pyramids, mosques and ancient byzantine cathedrals. We easily...

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New England Poll Finds ‘Disconnect’ Between Voter Support for Affordable Energy, Pipelines

CEA's David Holt discusses the results of the most recent CEA poll in New England. "Northeastern governors, legislators and regulators should pay close attention to...