Did you know that many electrical products use energy when plugged in, even if turned off? As you read this, many of your own household appliances and conveniences are using “standby power” – the term for using energy when plugged in, yet not in use.

Standby Power is costly to consumers – about 10 percent of household electricity use is due to standby-powered electronics. At any time, the average home in the United States has 40 products constantly using power without the homeowner realizing it.

To save on home electricity bills and reduce wasteful standby power use, try these tips from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:

Unplug devices that aren’t being used
Use power strips to cut power to groups of electronics at one time
Purchase low-use standby products

Using tips such as these – and more found here – may save you up to 30 percent of the wasted energy being used in your home.