Expect to hear a lot of talk about energy issues leading up to and during this fall’s hotly contested election season.

That is the consensus after a recent poll conducted on behalf of Consumer Energy Alliance found that energy-related issues – and candidates’ stances on those issues – would determine who would be giving a victory speech on November 4th.

Voters in states with key U.S. Senate races found that energy issues like the Keystone XL pipeline are very important to how they will vote. Support for Keystone XL in the nine states polled varied from 67 percent in Kentucky to 84 percent in Colorado. But there is no question support for the pipeline project is strong. In the other seven states, support hovered at or above 70 percent.

Conclusion: Candidates who can make the case that their vote will support policies that increase energy production and keep prices affordable are going to win over their electorate.

There are scores of reasons why energy is an important issue for American voters. Scroll through to find out a few.