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ATLANTA – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), along with a diverse coalition of organizations and concerned citizens today jointly voiced support for the construction and completion of the Vogtle Nuclear Plant currently under review by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

CEA President David Holt said: “Energy animates every part of our lives and powers a modern economy. A balanced, broad and diverse energy mix that utilizes all of our resources enhances reliability, protects families and households and underpins opportunities to continue Georgia’s economic expansion and continued growth.”

Below is the joint statement from the coalition:

As the Georgia Public Service Commission considers the future of a key element of our state’s energy mix, the Vogtle Nuclear Plant, the undersigned express support for the completion of the sole remaining nuclear construction project in the nation for these principle reasons:

  • JOBS CREATION – America invented the technical know-how to produce safe and reliable nuclear power. Nuclear construction, with 50-plus years of future operations, is yielding thousands of well-paid, highly-skilled jobs that enhance local and regional economies and provide the dignity of self-reliance to generations of workers and their families;
  • GEORGIA IS GROWING – Georgia was the seventh-fastest growing state in 2016, adding more than 620,000 residents since 2010. The Atlanta Regional Commission estimates the area will add 2.5 million people by 2040, raising the population to 8 million. We must provide dependable energy to meet the needs of our growing communities in an ever-more connected lifestyle that runs on energy;
  • FAMILIES – Over the longer term, the Vogtle Project will provide significant benefits for families, households and those on a fixed income with affordable electricity. Nuclear is an efficient and dependable source of power with stable fuel costs;
  • DIVERSITY –  Providing optionality and a diverse mix of electricity options ensures that grid and power delivery remain reliable and resilient over the long-term for Georgians;
  • CLEAN – Nuclear power provides dependable, 24/7, clean power production to the blend of resources that make Georgia work;
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY – Nuclear power operates in tandem with Georgia’s growing renewable energy resources, providing grid stability and backup for intermittent generating assets; and
  • NATIONAL SECURITY – Nuclear expertise, since the closing days of World War II, has been essential to energy and national security.  A vibrant nuclear energy industry is an integral component of energy security and for maintaining the network of academic programs, National Research Labs expertise, career pathways, military readiness and international security expertise to ensure the nation remains globally competitive and retains its geopolitical stature.

Coalition Organizations and Citizens

  • Carol Browner, Former EPA Administrator
  • JD Van Brink, Georgia Tea Party
  • Bryan Tolar, President, Georgia Agribusiness Council
  • Mike Giles, President, Georgia Poultry Federation
  • ClearPath Action
  • Nuclear Matters
  • Professor David Gattie, University of Georgia
  • Natalie Wood, NAYGN Past-President
  • Judd Gregg, Former United States Senator from New Hampshire
  • Denise Ingoe, Region I WIN Coordinator
  • Heather Matteson, co-founder Mothers for Nuclear
  • Kristin Zaitz, co-founder Mothers for Nuclear
  • Laura Schepis, Executive Director, Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy (PACE)
  • J. Winston Porter – Ph.D., energy and environmental consultant and former Assistant Administrator of the U.S. EPA
  • Nathan Humphrey, National Federation of Small Businesses
  • Jeff Wansley, Executive Director, Georgia Construction Aggregate Association
  • Charlie Flemming, President, Georgia AFL-CIO
  • Mitchell Byrd, President, Georgia Building Trades and Business Manager of IUOE Local 926
  • Randy Beall, Atlanta and North Georgia Building Trades
  • Louis Partain, IUPAT DC 77 L.U. 193
  • Scott Russell, IUEC Local 32
  • Robert Duffield, Iron Workers Local 387
  • Mike Hamilton, Millwright Local 1263
  • Phil Rainwater, Insulators and Asbestos Workers
  • Pedro Franco, Laborers Local 515
  • Ronald H. Whatley, Business Manager/ Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Sheet Metal Workers Local 85
  • Kevin Swanson, IBEW Local 613
  • Dale Cullum, Business Manager, IAHFIAW Local 92
  • Jose J. Mendoza, Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Regional Reinforcing Local Union 846
  • Gene O’Kelley, IBEW
  • Jeff N. Britt, Business Manager, IUOE Local 470
  • Chuck Hill, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer, IUPAT DC 77
  • Ed Sturken, Servicing Director/Business Representative, IUPAT DC 77/LU 1756
  • Eric Herfurth, Business Representative, Smart LU 85
  • William McMillan, Business Manager, Iron Workers Local 709
  • Marion (Bubba) Davis, Director of Construction, International Brotherhood of Teamsters
  • Ronnie Dexter, District Business Manager,  IBBD3
  • James Scott, Southern Region Representative, Roofers and Waterproofers
  • Tommy Fuller, SMART International Representative
  • Bobby Lunsford, District BM/ES, Boilermakers
  • Allen Braswell, Business Manager, IUOE Local 474
  • Will Salters, President, Augusta Building Trades and Business Manager IBEW Local 1579
  • Marvin J. Smith III, President, Bricklayer’s and Allied Craftworkers Local 8 SE
  • Mohammad S. Davoud, Ph.D., P.E., Founding Dean, Allen E. Paulson (AEP), Georgia Southern University
  • David R. Schwimmer, Ph.D., P.G., Professor of Geology, Columbus State University
  • Jeff Terry, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology

To view the full list of coalition members, please click here.


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