If you’ve visited our site before then you know we love to talk about “Energy Vampires.” It is a term that is used to describe electronic items that sap electricity while they are plugged in and not in use. There are dozens of household electronics and appliances that affect your electric bill more than you know simply by remaining plugged into your wall socket. Here are our Top 5 Energy Vampires for 2018 that are increasing your electric bill without you even knowing it. Many of these items are often left plugged in for convenience, but unknowingly lots of extra electricity is used without even knowing it.

Hair Dryers

One of the least suspecting culprits of being an energy vampire is your hair dryer. Oftentimes, we use hairdryers and leave them plugged in until the next time we use them since it’s easier than putting them away each and every time. By doing this, you leave your home vulnerable to electricity being drained by this appliance. Curling irons and electric shavers are also high priority items that should be unplugged after use. If you make it a habit to regularly unplug these devices after using them, you can help not only cut down on your electric bill but also save and use energy more efficiently in your home.

Kitchen Appliances

It’s safe to assume that most people leave their kitchen appliances plugged in 24/7 after they use them. Some of these kitchen appliances include coffee machines, toasters, and blenders. Though these kitchen appliances only use 1-3 watts when they are turned off, it can add up over time if you’re not careful.

Televisions and DVD Players

Our living rooms are a place for us to come together in the evenings and catch up on the news or watch our favorite TV shows after a long day. Unfortunately, everything that is hooked up to our entertainment centers can drain a lot of energy if they are left plugged in after use. In America, televisions, DVDs, cable boxes, Wi-Fi and video game consoles in our entertainment centers consumed 7% of the electricity used in this country. If these appliances are plugged into a power strip, you can easily unplug it each day to prevent these items from draining electricity and help to lower your electric bill.

Home Office Electronics

Another big culprit of vampire energy is computers. Outside of our work and office computers, many people have home computers they also use. Oftentimes, people put their computers in sleep mode overnight instead of turning them off – leaving them plugged in and on for days or weeks at a time. Though the computer is not actively burning any energy during this time, it can still drain wattage if it is not fully turned off. It is better to turn off your computer when you are done using it for the day to prevent any energy from being drained.

Portable Fans

Many people sleep with a portable fan during the night. While people fall asleep when it is cooler and feel relaxed from the noise the fan makes, it can really drain a lot of energy. Sometimes people leave their fans on for 8 hours overnight – and some even leave it on during the day while they’re gone at work. This can hurt your electric bill if you rely on this too much during the night or into the day. Your best option is to not use the fan at night and find other ways to cool down. Sleep in less clothing, remove extra layers of blankets or open a window if you are too hot at night.

Energy vampires can be a major problem if we let them drain our energy undetected. Use this guide to educate yourself on how unplugging various devices in your home can save you energy and reduce your electric bill.