Onshore fracking well pad

While some condemn fracking based on political ideology and misinformation, the fact is, fracking has been a major contributor in decreasing emissions throughout the country.

At the same time — also thanks to fracking — America’s carbon-dioxide emissions have plummeted.

By unleashing vast quantities of clean-burning natural gas, fracking dramatically changed the economics of electricity production…Because natural gas releases only half as much carbon dioxide as coal, the sweeping shift to gas-fueled plants has led to a dramatic reduction in America’s greenhouse gas emissions. So dramatic, in fact, that no other nation matches it, as President Obama observed in his 2014 State of the Union address: ‘Over the past eight years, the United States has reduced our total carbon pollution more than any other nation on Earth.’

For anyone who worries about climate change and is intent on carbon reduction, all this should be cause for rejoicing. Fracking, which has made it possible, should be extolled as a boon to environmental progress.

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