Detroit Skyline Aerial View With Lighthouse, Marina, and River

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has vowed to keep fighting against the Line 5 project even after a judge threw out her lawsuit. With that defeat in hand, Nessel has gone even farther to claim that a “foreign corporation” would not take care of the Great Lakes. Funny thing is, Enbridge is based in Canada, which has an equal right to the lakes and more importantly, just as much of a stake in their health.

A tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac to house the petroleum pipeline is the surest way to protect the Great Lakes. Delaying it works against the goal of securing Michigan’s most vital resource.

Nessel issued an opinion earlier this year that the law is unconstitutional because its title is overly vague. It was a flimsy argument, and a Michigan Court of Appeals judge last week ruled it so.

Nessel says the state will appeal. She shouldn’t. No more taxpayer money should be wasted on a frivolous lawsuit designed to subvert the democratic process and undo a law that was passed by the Legislature and signed by former Gov. Rick Snyder.

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