The Trump administration released aid efforts to Puerto Rico, champagne gate set Bachelor contestant Kelsey awash in bubbles and drama, and Ken Jennings is the official Jeopardy GOAT. Though it was a great week in other news, we want to share our favorite headlines … you guessed it – in the energy industry! If you weren’t able to read last week’s stories, check those out here.

5CEOs must listen to new trends, regardless of industry

Dominion Energy CEO Tom Farrell is changing his business model. In the energy industry, one thing is constant, and that is change. New technologies, trends and younger customer bases dictate how corporations change and grow. Tom is listening, and Forbes covers his story here.

4Energy will always remain a contentious issue in politics

As much as this issue should remain nonpartisan, the fact of the matter is that energy is being politicized to the max. The recent democratic debate proved that not all on the left feel the same about the energy industry. Natural gas seemed to be a significant point of discussion most notably presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar. Scientific American reports the details here.

3Rolls-Royce is not typically a name synonymous with electric vehicles

In the spring of 2020, Rolls-Royce’s Accelerating the Electrification of Flight (ACCEL) Initiative is set to release an all-electric plane that plans to break records, flying at top speeds of 300 miles per hour. The electric engines are expected to produce a constant 500 horsepower while also remaining quiet with zero emissions. Inhabitat relays the rest of the article here.

2Paper or plastic?

More and more policies are getting implemented across the globe on charging consumers for plastic bags. Is the alternative really better for the planet? According to Energy Live News, in this write-up, it would take 43 reuses of a paper bag to have a lower impact than the plastic bag. (We still suggest sticking with reusable – as long as you remember to grab them!)

1Avoiding technological advancements could hurt consumers

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) use is critical in energy efficiency but goes beyond that into saving serious dough for consumers. One outlet is reporting that utilities should get on board with smart metering now if they want to avoid denial of cost recovery, and potentially risk future investments. Read up as Utility Dive reports on the full story here.