This week Alex Trebek updated us on his cancer diagnosis, Harvey Weinstein was moved to Riker’s Island jail after his hospital stay and Demi Lavato released her “I Love Me” video. While these headlines gave us some mixed emotions, we wanted to share our favorite stories from the energy sector. If you missed last week’s list, don’t worry you can find that here.

5As electric vehicles continue to advance in technology, more is to be discovered about autopilot use.

We inch closer and closer to self-driving vehicles every day, but a little more testing may be needed. Recently a Tesla on autopilot was tricked into speeding up because of two pieces of duct tape. While the average human can tell that 85 mph in a neighborhood is dangerous speed, the average robot is not so keen. Business Insider explains this sticky situation here.

4How much does climate change impact your cell phone?

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your phone, and while we know that electronic devices continue to be manufactured from traditional energy sources, there’s a different impact Congress is tackling. Continued conversation around weather emergencies knocking out cell usage has resulted in two bills this month. E&E News reviews the rest of the story here.

3The travel industry is getting a green makeover.

Until we are all able to afford a net-zero-emitting, liquid-hydrogen-fueled super yacht to travel around the world, the average American relies on air travel to get us to our destinations. We know that these aircraft can have a big emissions impact, but there are some definite improvements we can capitalize on as technology progresses. CNBC marshalls in this article here.

2The energy industry is changing, and technology is stepping in to help.

As we continue to see an integration of energy sources working together, energy companies have been calling on the technology industry to find solutions. Traditional sources are growing ever-cleaner, but renewable energy price tags are still a little steep to completely transition. In the meantime, tech companies are stepping in to help everyone meet in the middle. CNBC lays out the rest here.

1Speaking of energy technology, energy storage is about to take center stage.

Energy storage for renewable technology has long been a tough conversation. In the next few years, we will see more investments pouring into the energy storage sector. As a matter of fact it is proposed to take an almost $500 billion leap between 2019 and 2035. Forbes supplies the full details here.