This week’s headlines are filled with stories about energy prices spiking right as winter creeps in and how these higher prices have buyers looking to developing nations for oil and natural gas. Why? Demand for energy is rising faster than the supply of fuel and the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic prompted oil and gas companies to scale back production.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration this week unveiled its strategy for achieving “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 — under which the country would try to eliminate or offset all of its emissions. And the U.S. has rejoined a group of countries pushing for higher targets at the COP26 U.N. climate talks.

And speaking of reducing emissions, energy-efficient lighting choices are abound these days, whether online or at your local hardware store. Replacing your old lighting with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives could not only increase energy efficiency in your home or office, but also save you money.

Check out the top five favorite stories in energy this week below!

5Meet the electric bike that runs on hydrogen

The world’s first hydrogen powered cargo bike requires no heavy batteries, can charge in 10 minutes and run for about 90 miles. Yanko Design reports that the bike uses a proprietary energy storage system to convert electricity from solar panels using an electrolyzer that divides water into hydrogen and oxygen, and relocates them to a storage system with a metal alloy to produce hydrogen.

4The electric generator strong enough to power a construction site

A new battery-powered generator is being deployed at construction sites across Singapore and Hong Kong in an effort to replace diesel-powered generators needed to power them. Forbes reports that the generator is 32 times quieter than diesel generators and can help reduce carbon emissions at construction sites by up to 85%.

3New materials could make solar panels more affordable

While the cost of solar panels has dropped by 90% in the past decade, they have yet to become so affordable that the average family can afford to install them on their home. Free Think shares how manufacturers are working to replace silicon with perovskite, a cheaper alternative that could make solar panels a fraction of the price they are currently, while still maintaining efficiency.

2The solar powered ironing cart that’s winning global respect

A 15-year-old from southern India has developed a solar powered ironing cart after learning that local vendors were using old-fashioned ironing boxes that ran on charcoal. The Brighter Side explains how this young innovator developed her idea and prototype utilizing an abundantly available source of energy in her region: the sun.

1Could an aluminum powered airliner be the future of aviation?

An electric 100-seat regional airliner could enter the transportation scene as early as 2026. New Atlas reports the plane will either run on green hydrogen or an aluminum fuel cell with a fossil-fueled range extender to extend flight range.