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Participants discuss inflation-causing strain high energy prices put on agriculture

Jackson, MSConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, and the Mississippi Energy Institute (MEI) today hosted a roundtable discussion with Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

The discussion focused on the impact of high energy prices on agriculture and the knock-on effect on inflation, which is currently at 40-year highs with little sign of easing. Fertilizer prices, which account for almost 20% of farm costs in the United States, have risen 102% in the last year alone.

In Mississippi, 17% of the state’s workforce is directly or indirectly employed by agriculture, making it the state’s largest industry by revenue. Mississippi farmers in 2021 saw a record high production value for their harvest; however, this production value was offset by higher operating costs due to inflation.

“High energy prices are bad enough in their own right when we pay our bills or fill up our gas tanks. But the negative impact strikes again when the energy costs that farmers and others in agriculture absorb increases prices for commodities, or squeezes family farmers who are already facing economic hardships,” said CEA Vice President and Gulf Coast Director Kaitlin Hammons. “Mississippi and other Gulf States contribute to America’s economy through the offshore energy industry, which has been under attack by aggressive activists and some political leaders. Farmers, families and small businesses are the collateral damage, as higher costs for fertilizer, diesel, gasoline and propane add more inflationary pressure to a nation reeling from it. CEA thanks Congressman Guest for his commitment to making energy affordable and reliable.”

“The rising cost of energy is leading to higher prices for everything — impacting families across our state as they struggle to purchase gas and groceries. To combat these high costs, I am fighting for strong domestic energy policies through my work in Congress. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Consumer Energy Alliance, the Mississippi Energy Institute, and other experts on these issues toward our common goal of bringing down energy costs and securing our nation’s energy independence,” Congressman Guest said.

“Bad energy policy results in less energy and higher energy bills,” said Patrick Sullivan, President of Mississippi Energy Institute. “As farmers, businesses and households are suffering through high prices, it’s important for all to better understand the causes of today’s economic suffering. Nationally, a more informed public may help avoid challenges in the future.”


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