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“New Mexico has a dire need to improve the business climate, provide access to more jobs and help the poorest families in the state afford energy. Fortunately, the more we support local energy development, and the more we encourage policymakers to support the infrastructure we need to move it safely, the more low-cost energy we can bring to market, directly helping our local community. Diversifying our energy economy will generate more jobs with good-paying salaries and lower energy costs for families and business while helping to create a cleaner and more prosperous New Mexico.”

– Link Browder, Consumer Energy Alliance

While New Mexico New Mexico has been fairly stagnant in oil and gas production over the last 10 years, after a year of reinvigoration, it is now the third largest oil and gas producer in the U.S.

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If Lawmakers Collaborate

Looking at the importance of bipartisanship, CEA's Emily Haggstrom talks about how New Mexico's regulatory climate has lowered costs for families while encouraging businesses and energy producers to stay. There’s much to be thankful for...

Energy Needs to Be Nonpartisan Issue

With one of the largest budget surpluses in New Mexico's history as a result of bipartisan energy policies, CEA's Emily Haggstrom talks about the importance of working across the aisle to continue seeing New...

Energy Affordability Must Be a Top Concern for Newly Elected

CEA President David Holt discusses the importance of affordable energy to those living below the poverty line and on fixed incomes and why it is a false choice to say we can have either...

Energy Grows Confidence in New Mexico’s Budget – and Yours!

Did you know the U.S. is the number one producer of natural gas? A basic lesson in economics reminds us when you have a large supply of something, the price is usually pretty low....

Energy Grows Jobs in New Mexico

Jobs, jobs, and jobs are the three words we often hear when economists talk about the financial health of our nation, state, region or even our neighborhoods. It was definitely the word of the...