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“New Mexico has a dire need to improve the business climate, provide access to more jobs and help the poorest families in the state afford energy. Fortunately, the more we support local energy development, and the more we encourage policymakers to support the infrastructure we need to move it safely, the more low-cost energy we can bring to market, directly helping our local community. Diversifying our energy economy will generate more jobs with good-paying salaries and lower energy costs for families and business while helping to create a cleaner and more prosperous New Mexico.”

– Victoria Gonzales, Consumer Energy Alliance

While New Mexico New Mexico has been fairly stagnant in oil and gas production over the last 10 years, after a year of reinvigoration, it is now the third largest oil and gas producer in the U.S. Learn More

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Member Post: Fight Against COVID-19 Fueled by American Energy

Guest Contribution by Kurt Knaus, Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance American energy and the life-sustaining products it creates have never been more critical than they have over the last two months as our country has worked...

Tipping Point New Mexico With David Holt

CEA President David Holt recently sat down with Tipping Point New Mexico to discuss the big-picture energy situation, but also comment on the drastic changes likely to occur in the supply chain and whether/how...
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Oil, Gas Offer Path Toward Bright Energy Future

Victoria Gonzales is the New Mexico Director for Consumer Energy Alliance. Victoria reiterates the importance of traditional fuels, like oil and gas, on New Mexico's economy. "Oil and natural gas can and must continue to...
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Natural Gas: Why U.S. Leads World in Cutting Emissions

Anti-energy activists have created more chaos, only hurting families and small businesses on a budget, by wrongfully villainizing natural gas without fact-checking first. Most of it is old rhetoric blaming development techniques and traditional...

New Mexico Oil Boom to Continue, More Infrastructure Needed

New Mexico's oil and gas industry boom is expected to continue growing at record rates. With that, infrastructure across the state will be needed to ensure energy can reach homes and businesses, as well...