New Mexico

“New Mexico has a dire need to improve the business climate, provide access to more jobs and help the poorest families in the state afford energy. Fortunately, the more we support local energy development, and the more we encourage policymakers to support the infrastructure we need to move it safely, the more low-cost energy we can bring to the market, directly helping our local community. Diversifying our energy economy will generate more jobs with good-paying salaries and lower energy costs for families and businesses while helping to create a cleaner and more prosperous New Mexico.”

– Matthew Gonzales, Consumer Energy Alliance

While New Mexico has been fairly stagnant in oil and gas production over the last 10 years, after a year of reinvigoration, it is now the third largest oil and gas producer in the U.S. Learn More

Join Us As We Work With New Mexicans to Build a Balanced Energy Future

As New Mexicans, we need to support local and state policies that promote our communities’ well-being through opportunities that drive our economic success and balance our state’s energy and environmental future.

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Putting gas in car

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