North Carolina

“North Carolina’s economic development infrastructure is reliant on a modern energy policy that promotes affordable and reliable energy production and delivery while protecting our farmers, landowners, and natural resources.  CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy will lead the way by reminding North Carolina policymakers of their unique chance to understand how the state’s energy needs can be effectively met with fresh solutions, while also protecting our environment.”

– Larry Wooten, President of the North Carolina Farm Bureau

North Carolinians spend just over $3,000 annually on energy.  For a low-income person living at the poverty line, that translates to 25 percent of their individual income.

North Carolina News

Consumer Report: North Carolinians Saved Almost $12 Billion Thanks to Low-Priced Fuel

Consumer Energy Alliance Examines Energy Production’s Benefits to North Carolina’s Families, Small Businesses and Industries in New Report Raleigh, NC. —North Carolina families and businesses saved more than $11.9 billion thanks to low-priced natural gas...

Time to Get Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project Moving Again

Opponents to energy production and infrastructure will seemingly stop at nothing to ensure pipeline projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline are unable to continue construction – stonewalling the economic and environmental benefits the project...

County “Levelheaded” on Offshore Energy

Kudos are deserved for Brunswick County Board of Commissioners for keeping their neutral stance on offshore energy development: For starters, kudos to Commissioner Mike Forte who, despite false claims of overwhelming opposition to examining the...

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Consumer Energy Alliance

Consumer Group Urges the Administration to Continue Efforts Toward the 5-Year Offshore Leasing Plan

Washington, DC - Today, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the nation’s leading energy advocate for families and small businesses, urged the Trump administration to move forward with a comprehensive and responsible offshore leasing program for...