North Carolina

“North Carolina’s economic development infrastructure is reliant on a modern energy policy that promotes affordable and reliable energy production and delivery while protecting our farmers, landowners, and natural resources.  CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy will lead the way by reminding North Carolina policymakers of their unique chance to understand how the state’s energy needs can be effectively met with fresh solutions, while also protecting our environment.”

– Larry Wooten, President of the North Carolina Farm Bureau

North Carolinians spend just over $3,000 annually on energy.  For a low-income person living at the poverty line, that translates to 25 percent of their individual income.

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North Carolina

North Carolina Emissions Fell By as Much as 92 Percent as the State Continues...

Raleigh, NC. – Given that North Carolina remains one of the nation’s largest energy consumers, the fact that statewide emissions have fallen by as much as 92 percent since 1990 is a fantastic achievement,...

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