“Political rhetoric has clouded the importance of Pennsylvania’s energy production and delivery to the state’s families and small businesses. Our diverse energy portfolio, along with policies that will improve infrastructure, play a critical role in the accessibility to affordable energy throughout the Commonwealth.  That’s why it’s important that CEA’s Campaign for America’s Energy helps to remind our elected leaders of the opportunity Pennsylvania’s energy resources provide and to understand how energy needs can be met while we also protecting our environment.”

– Gene Barr, CEO Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry President

Pennsylvania is America’s second largest producer of nuclear energy, the third largest in natural gas production, and fourth in coal resources. So why do our communities spend more than 10% of their income – $159 above the national average – on their electricity bills? For families in Pennsylvania, energy costs can make or break a budget.

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Take it from FERC, We Need PennEast Pipeline and Natural Gas

Those bringing up old and baseless arguments against the PennEast Pipeline ignore the conclusion found by everyone, including the federal government. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued the last word on the need for natural gas in...

CEA Pennsylvania on It’s Your Turn

Mike Butler, State Director for Consumer Energy Alliance Pennsylvania, shares some tips on staying cool and keeping your electric bill down during the current heat wave with Dave Malarkey on It's Your Turn.
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Adelphia Pipeline Key to Reducing Energy Costs in Eastern Pa.

With demand for natural gas continuing to increase in eastern Pennsylvania, CEA's Mike Butler expresses why it is vital lawmakers continue pipeline projects like the Adelphia Pipeline to increase capacity and meet demand. Yet the...

Support Efforts to Strengthen Local Energy Production

CEA's Mike Butler explains why plans from Mayor Bill Peduto's call to divest from fossil fuels actually means disinvestment in our workers, communities, and businesses. Over half of the region’s economic growth came from the...
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Gov. Wolf’s Severance Tax Would Be A Job Killer

CEA's Mike Butler addresses why Gov. Wolf's proposed severance tax on natural gas extraction would be a job killer in Pennsylvania. Instead of enacting more job-killing taxes that could entice producers to move elsewhere, our...